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Spotted Duck Frozen Custard

Anyone who knows me knows that ice cream is my favorite thing (well, maybe after creme  brûlée!). And Aubergine guests will attest to the fact that I always send them to Spotted Duck!  It’s right up the road, on Route 54.  Frozen custard is made with egg yolks and these delightful folks make theirs with duck eggs!  And the ducks (as well as geese and other birds) are right there on the property. They make amazing flavors, kids can have fun looking at the animals and they do flights!  Heaven!

Sonnenberg Gardens

As many times as I’ve visited, I never get tired of beautiful Sonnenberg Gardens.   Just a 20-minute ride from Aubergine, there is something for everyone here: manicured gardens, an historic mansion, music events and wine tastings!   My favorite is the Japanese garden.