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Mumford, NY

Just an hour's drive from Aubergine Bed and Breakfast, this is a living, working 19th century village.  You can visit the potter, cooper, blacksmith, historic kitchens and a working brewery.  It is open May to October with special events all year long.  There are farm animals, the John L. Wehle Gallery and a Nature Center, and special events like antique shows and craft beer tastings. Truly something for everyone!  Be sure to make this a stop on your next visit to the Finger Lakes.


This gazebo on the village property is something I'd love to have at Aubergine!


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Aubergine 2019 Garden

The long-awaited sunshine has finally gotten things growing at Aubergine!  Today picking snow peas (had to cover them in Remay cloth to protect them from the deer!), Swiss chard, beets ( both protected from critters with chicken wire), lettuce, kale and arugula. Been eating strawberries and the raspberries are almost ready!  I don’t  grow corn but the local farmers had to plant really late because of the rain so we’re all praying for this summer weather to last. I can’t wait for my first tomato!
MONTEZUMA NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE Another really interesting destination less than an hour from Aubergine Bed and Breakfast is Montezuma, right off Rtes. 5 and 20 in Seneca Falls.  If you love birdwatching, this is the place for you: over 9,000 acres of nesting spots and feeding areas for migratory birds.  There are walking trails, or you can take the 3.5 mile Wildlife Drive.  There is also a Visitor Center, observations towers and educational programs. For some reason I cannot upload this really cool picture I took of the statue of a bald eagle they have there, but visit their website and you can see what I'm talking about.  Better yet, come visit and take a day trip!

Garden to Table

Here in the Finger Lakes, “farm to table” restaurants are very popular. It is such a great way to take advantage of our local farms which provide such beautiful produce.  We have vineyards, orchards, dairy farms, and so many great chefs who use all of these resources to turn out fresh, delicious dishes. I like to think of Aubergine as a “garden to table” establishment.  With so many fresh ingredients available, some question why I even bother with a vegetable garden. But gardening has been my passion for many years and I just love the process. Weeding to me is a form of “moving meditation.” I grow my vegetables and flowers from seed in my basement and just love that I can offer my guests homegrown berries on my homemade yogurt, fresh flowers, and omelets and frittatas made with fresh-picked veggies. I wish Penn Yan would let me raise chickens!  But fortunately the local farmers provide the very freshest eggs. I buy my meats locally, and, although on my bucket list is making my own